TIU brings to you a 3 part health and wellbeing series.

In part 1, we will be discussing physical health. We will consider:

          1. Why the BAME community are more predisposed to COVID  2. What diseases are we prone to?

          3. How do we identify and deal with the signs, symptoms.  4. Simple health and lifestyle changes we can make to improve our

              physical wellbeing.

In part 2, we will be discussing mental Health. We will consider:

           1. How has the lack of social interaction affect your wellbeing   2. Effects of COVID on the mental health

           3. What practical things can you do to lift your mood?

In part 3, we will be evaluating the impact of the pandemic on the spiritual wellbeing of the BAME community

           1. How important is spirituality within our communities

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Date : 27/03/2021


Time : 12pm


Location: Zoom


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Diversity conference 2019 - Let your light shine

Bringing BAME professionals and BAME leaders in  the North East with a passion for mentoring; coaching and educating the next generation together.

Our TIU Diversity Conference is the first of its kind in the North East. By connecting black youth with black professionals and business leaders, we provide the knowledge they need to become exceptional leaders.

Our 2019 conference was aimed at

  1. Identifying barriers to progression for BAME professionals in the North East

  2.  Providing solutions to challenges faced by business owners and professionals alike

  3. Providing opportunities for networking

  4.  Showcasing BAME led businesses in the north east

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Date : 08/06/2021


Time : 12pm


Location: Zoom